Helen on Wheels at Empire Stage!

Helen on Wheels is a delightful heartwarming new comedy proving that feisty older women have the right to raise a ruckus, play bingo, and bear arms.

Pigs Do Fly Productions’ Helen on Wheels managed just one performance before the pandemic forced the show to shutter in March 2020.

However, Pigs’ founder and Executive Producer Ellen Wacher vowed Pigs Do Fly Productions and the show would be back when the time was right. Now, with Florida COVID numbers consistently dropping, and audiences starting to attend theatre, Wacher feels “It’s time to bring the gang back!”

Helen on Wheels ran from December 3rd through December 19th at Empire Stage in Fort Lauderdale.

“We were devastated when we had to close down,” Wacher says, “But of course it was the right and only thing to do. It is totally enjoyable, far out, very funny, and fits our Pigs Do Fly mission – to show people over 50 doing interesting things with their lives – to a ‘tee’.”.

Beverly Blanchette returned as Helen, as did Carol Sussman as her best friend and partner in crime Zona. Todd Bruno reprised his role as Nelson, and Michael Gioia and Steven Chambers joined ‘the gang’ as Elmer and Seth.


“Beverly Blanchette shines as Helen. The performer injects her character with believable sass and a fun-loving, free-spirited demeanor.” … “Helen on Wheels is an upbeat, laugh-filled play. It will invigorate you, perhaps move you to tears, and make you look inward.”- AARON KRAUSE- Dec. 2021 (Theatrical Musings)

“‘Helen on Wheels’ is a lovely play about real people, and its gentle humor provides the structure for a very funny lesson on living your life, and no one else’s, no matter how old you are.” – MARY ANN JOHNSON – March 2020 (MD Theatre Guide)