Off Balance at Empire Stage!

Off Balance at Empire Stage is off to a bang!

Check out this awesome review of her work in Off Balance at Empire Stage!


“…Matters then escalate even further when Peter’s much older lover Loretta (Beverly Blanchette) comes in guns blazing to try to win back her stud, who, as it eventually becomes clear, has not only the power of utter sexual irresistibility but straight-up mystical ones. 

…Blanchette takes a spectacular turn as the fashion-forward alcoholic, and both she and Hall absolutely nailed some memorable moments of vertigo-related physical comedy. Paul’s performance was another highlight; he was plenty charismatic and surprisingly natural as his charming character and appeared completely comfortable onstage even during the moments when he appeared there sans boxers (yes, as the play’s description should warn you, stay away from Off Balance if you’re not cool with a little male nudity…). 

A perfect balance of whimsy and whit make Off Balance a worthy way to spend an evening. ” -Ilana Jael