The Violet Hour: A Modern Medea

The Violet Hour:  A Modern Medea

Outre Theatre Company

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

March 2016

Beverly Blanchette portrays “Nurse” in this South Florida play adapted by Shannon Ouellette and Outré artistic director Skye Whitcomb.

“The themes and thrust of “The Violet Hour” follow Euripides, though the language is largely contemporary. Here, Medea and Jason have just one son, who’s played by Nathanael Schultz, a particularly adorable kindergartener. The boy is watched over, fretted over, by Nurse (Beverly Blanchette), a nanny who is rightfully worried that the raging Medea is descending into madness”

– Christine Dolen,

“Unnerving…emotionally affecting, its chlling moments growing as the story marches toward its terrible conclusion….close, personal–and unthinkable. ”

– Connie Ogle, Miami Herald