Vincent River

Vincent River
Ground Up & Rising Theatre Company
at Artistic Vibes, Kendall, Florida
August – September, 2015

Vincent River tells the story of Anita (Beverly Blanchette), the mother of a 35-year-old man who was savagely murdered 18 weeks ago outside a cruising spot for gay men. While moving into her new  apartment, she spots a teenager outside with a terrible black eye. Enter, Davey (Bobby Johnston), a 16-year-old who it turns out discovered the body of Anita’s son, Vincent. Davey is haunted by constant reminders of the sight of Vincent’s mutilated body. He has been shadowing Anita and finally found the courage to ask her help in exorcising the vision. If Anita can give him varied details of Vincent’s life and backstory then he might be able to banish the ghost.

Written by: Philip Ridley  |  Directed by: Collin Carmouze
Starring: Beverly Blanchette and Bobby Johnston

High Praise for Beverly Blanchette in Vincent River

Blanchette, a veteran local actress, has needed a role worthy of her talents since retiring as dean of theater at the Dreyfoos School of the Arts. She has it now and she makes the most of it. Her Anita may seem externally an almost stereotypical British prole, but Blanchette, Carmouze and Ridley make her anything but. Blanchette creates a multilevel, multi-faceted creation who is intelligent and intuitive. She initially seems so anaesthetised by the tragedy that she has become unfeeling, taking cover in flip humor. But millimeter by millimeter, Blanchette reveals the depth of Anita’s pain. Eventually, the actress gets to show us the entire gamut of human emotion as the protagonists poke and pry at each other’s wounds seeking truth.”

“Director Collin Carmouze has drawn a performance from Blanchette that takes Anita from a manipulative flippancy to angry devastation. And Johnston’s performance, particularly as he recounts the worst night of Davey’s life, is utterly riveting.

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Bill Hirschman, Florida Theatre On Stage